Legal Entities
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Our legal automation makes things quick and easy


Filling out the necessary information won't take longer than a few minutes


Keep your assets secure with Wyoming's generous statutes


Create a company using your blockchain wallet address


With a single source of truth, investors won't worry about fraud

Blockchain Ready

Incorporate in the most blockchain-friendly state in the U.S.


Form Hybrid Entity

A Hybrid Entity exists both in our world and some place beyond.
Long theorized, yet only recently attainable, they are just as capable of transacting with mortals as they are executing smart contracts.
Bring your existing multi-signature wallet, ERC20 token, or DAO; alternatively, allow us to help you deploy one.
Our team will form a legal entity to specification, wrapping the experimental organization in the safety of limited liability.

Includes Services BelowEthereum: Multi-Sig, ERC20, DAOWyoming: Non-Profit/LLC/Series LLC


Form Legal Entity

Protect your personal assets or rally your team around a new entity.
Form the Entity without having to sign a single piece of paper.
The EIN and Formation Certificate will be sent to your inbox.
Enjoy Wyoming's incredibly low taxes and strong asset protections.
One hour of consultation is included to help you get things rolling.

Wyoming:Non-Profit, LLC, Series LLCEIN & Filing Receipt1 hour of consultationOptional: Operating Agreement


Form Ethereal Entity

Curious to play with Ethereal matter, but aren't quite ready to call forth a Hybrid from the Summoning Portal?
Our form will allow you to issue Crypto-Tokens, around which you & your co-founders' efforts may coalscence.
After the 'Entity Information' document is signed, your chosen Ethereal component can be deployed via one click using MetaMask.

FreeERC20 Token Generation🦅 DAO: Coming Soon👹 DAO: Coming Soon🦉 MultiSig: Coming Soon